Friday, 25 July 2008

Baby Dylan Brian

Well folks! here he is. my first great nephew, he is called Dylan Brian after his dad. this is the wee smasher i made the baby box for. he is just gorgeous. but then, i am a bit bias.


I love art deco and wanted to do a card in this style. this was a cd i bought and decided to make multiple copies of the image and decoupage. the tricky bit was the fern and trellis behind the ladies, by the time i was finished there were quite a few layers. but i liked the overall look, and dimention to the image. yes, i can say i was pleased with it when it was finished.

Exploding Baby Boxes

this is my first ever exploding boxes, they are baby boxes. a fellow crafter gave me a pattern for the boxes and the shoes, which i had not tried before. after solving a problem i had with the shoes, they gave me the idea for the boxes. actually my neice just had the families first grandchild, so wanted to make something special for the baby, and thought about doing a baby box. that one was in blue. I then thought about going to local shops to sell them for me. they were well received, one shop asked me for boys and girls. i have done the girls in Pink and gold, and the boys in Blue and silver. my local flower shop, are displaying them for sale for me. more pennies equals more stash. Yipee! we all love more stash.