Thursday, 17 January 2008


I decided it was time to make a little contacts book. with details of all the crafting buddies i have made on CSF. i covered my book in yellow card, which i then distressed with chalks and gold rub/buff. i stamped my fav renniemackintosh stamp, embossed it in silver, then coloured using H2o paints. i used my crop-a-dile to punch holes and threaded through ribbon. i attched some metal charms, one for each of my dogs, and a wee bone for them to nibble on. i also attached a heart and key (now guys dont get nausius here) the heart represents my heart and the key is the key to my heart. these items where for my husband. thus i covered everyone in the house. what about the bells! did i hear you say, re the little bells? well they are for New YEAR remind me my resolution to diet . shh dont want to say that bit too loud incase i faulter.


This is my first alcohol ink i have used. the bottles have been sitting for, well lets just say a wee while. i am limited in my colours so will have to invest in some more. i think i like this alcohol ink thingy, and want to experiment with more. any suggestions on tecnique greatly appreciated. i used tracy's video as my teacher. heres to a generous crafter.


This is our first fat book page, it is quite a simple page with stamping and glitter. i may do something more with it. i dont know. but at the mo im happy with it.


This is O/H family tree. he always wondered where his name originated so i thought i will see where his family came from. this started me on a quest, to see how far back i could get. 1stly online at Scotlands National Archive, then visiting the Archive in Edinburgh, we searched through parish records in microfilm. eventually we were able to get back to 1678. this is where it stopped in a graveyard in Dunbar on Lothian coast. it would seem my husbands family had a long tradition as fishermen. this family tree bussiness is sooo addictive. the more you find the more you become intrigued and the more you want to find.


This is a page of our guys passed and present. 1stly we have Candy the yorkie she was a great wee dog. gave us a lot of joy. then we have angus the collie (we call him the auld man) he is approaching his 17th Birthday. next we have cheeky Brodie the cairn. the guys deserved their own page, as they have given us a lot of joy over the years


This was a birthday present to my O/H for his 50th Birthday. so much to see and do. every corner we turned there we found beautiful sculptures. and the colloseum was amazing.


This is our trip to Canada, Vancouver to be exact. we went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. this was a good holiday, for one special reason. It meant i could see my cousin Ron who is too ill to travel. and i hadnt seen him or his brother Paul since they were Kids. sadly and suddenly my cousin Paul and Uncle passed away 4months after our trip. so this trip holds special memories. we had a lot of laughter on this trip. this was 8weeks where we crammed happy memories, and recalled high jinx when we were kids.
in memory of Paul and Uncle Joe. was like ye,


This is the first page of our Las Vegas trip. boy did we have a ball. this was a xmas present i bought for Other Half in 1999. we look back on this holiday with fond memories. the sights, the glitz, oh my goodness The Shopping.
this is a vacation we return to constantly when reminising about our trips.
i only wish i was crafting then, as i could have brought some crafty goodies back.
Viva Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.


This is one of our vegas pages. i picked out the photos i wanted to use, made little captions for some of the photos, and added some large lettering. i couldn't decide which photos to use, so thought i would do a collage of my favourites. each photo had a special meaning for us.
i would have needed a whole album just for holidays, so decided to reduce sizes of photos and used best ones.