Tuesday, 9 December 2008


This is our old Guy Angus, he sadly passed away on the 8th of december 2008. he was a great companion he was with us for 19years. you gave us a lot of smiles over the years, you were such a gentle guy. we saw you being born, and we were with you when you passed. we are missing you already. sleep tight dear friend.


Shairon said...

What a lovely wee dog. You must be heartbroken at your loss especially at this time of year when everyone is feeling jolly. My heart goes out to you both. Like you, I don't have children so my wee dog is my "baby". I don't know what I'll do when he dies, hopefully a long way away as he is only 5 at the moment. Hugs x

glitterthread said...

thank you shairon for your message. we are missing him soooooo much.

verkat said...

Your picture of Scotland is so beautiful. Are you still using this blog?

glitterthread said...

Hi Verkat
thanks for your comments, if a little late. yes i'm still using my blog. have to get back into it. have been busy making cards for couple of charities. so hopefully i will get a wee bit of time to myself.
once again thanks for comments